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  My name is Davide and I was born (November 10, 1968) and grew up in a small village between the sea and the countryside. The music began to be a part of me when my father bought me a piano. I was 7 years old and I devoted myself for some years to this instrument. When I was 13 I started the trumpet studies at the conservatory, where I took my diploma, with not the highest votes, in 1989.

Unfortunately I had to stop the music studies, also for health problems. My passion for Jimmy Page was born when I was 15 years old, watching the film of Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains The Same" with my friend Alberto. From that day the sound of that guitar became part of my life, pushing me to buy everything that had to do with Led Zeppelin: vinyl-records, bootleg, cd and any kind of books. I think I've read everything that has been written about their story and decide to dedicate myself to the life of Jimmy Page.
I bought my first Gibson Les Paul when I was 18; after a few years I bought a beautiful reissue Les Paul 59 and a Martin D 28 acoustic.
The idea of collecting the Gibson of Page began in 1995 when the Gibson built the Signature with his signature on the pick guard. I bought after a while in the U.S. an original Danelectro DC 59, then with the help of a lute maker I made a Fender Telecaster with a psychedelic drawing of a dragon, a good copy of the one used by Page. Continuing with the Fender, I found and bought in the U.S. a Stratocaster Lake Placid Blue. In 2005 my bank account suffered a first blow, with the purchase of the Gibson Les Paul number 1 aged as well as a vos! Followed the purchase of the double neck Gibson EDS 1275 always signed by Him, a black Les Paul Custom with Bigsby tremolo and finally, in 2010, a Les Paul number 2 aged.
I have also a good amplifier Marshall and Orange and various effects of that time, looking to reproduce that magical sound.

Granted that I'm not a guitarist but I only enjoy playing at home a few riffs of Jimmy, often I “cuddle” my guitars which are kept behind glass like in a museum. I would like to share my passion with all of you and that’s why I dedicate a site to Jimmy Page, reserving the domain for a few years. I saw Jimmy live for the first time in 2007, in London at the Led Zeppelin Reunion. I felt a great emotion but it’s my dream to meet him in person: Is there someone who can fulfill my wish? I am here waiting with the passion and love for a musician that was able to let me grow up and that is able to feel me like a child every time with his imagination.

  davide con chitarra

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